By Myra MacDonald


Tag: Music, Entertainment, Rock

Lil 'C Commits to the Mighty DW!

I live to rock. I love BBQ, Baseball and Computer Hacking. I'm 16, I play at bars clubs and places other dudes dream of who are my age. My paw let me beat on his drum kit, next thing you know, I'm rocking with my Dad and Uncle on stage. Pretty cool, huh.


I collect baseball cards of players who have my style of hair. The baseball mullet...

Its amazing to meet new people, and rock them all. I want to be the loudest drummer in Ventura County. I think I'm well on my way! Come see us play live. We're loud. My Dad says cops used to come to shows because DW got noise complaints. Bring earplugs to shows! See you soon!

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