Occupation: Ghetto Mullet Barber and Scream-n-Guitar Man for DoubleWide™
Astological Sign: Scorpy-O
Fave Mullet: "Camaro Mullet "
Fave Meat: Pollo/Chicken and Cow
Hobbies: Collects used Guitar Strings for mail-order Jail tattoo machines.
Likes: Pot Pies, Burritoes and Car-Nitas. Couch Surfing and staying with freinds. Teef ornaments.

Dislikes: nothing.

Fluent Spanish speaking Mark-O Once has multiple addresses including one in Tijuana. Spends bi-weekly welfare money like its going out of style. Started the charity "Haircuts for the Homeless". Knows how to cut 72 styles of mullet. When on tour, spends quality time with the homeless and downtrodden in compassionate haircutting service. Never charges for haircuts, but always accepts a tip. Especially Tri-Tip. Never leaves Left-overs. Will eat until plate is licked clean. Seeking Guitar and Haircutting Supply Sponsorships. Loves making new freinds. Flowers.

Lou d. Chris

Occupation: Drummer and Driver for DOUBLEWIDE
Astological Sign: Leo
Fave Mullet: "The Squirrel Pelt"
Fave Meat: ANY kind of Pork! [especially Pig Knuckles and Pork Rinds]
Hobbies: Butchery, Archery, Taxidermy and making Jail Wine.
Likes: ALL Meat, Chrome Chicks, Trailerpark B'Ques, Wristbands, Jail Wine, sharing recipes and mud.
Dislikes: Salad, two story homes, Vegans and Eddie Vedder

Once accused by brother Mark-O of stealing his meat, when in actuality, stole his apple pie. Quote Mark-O " Where's my meat !" Fortunately, Lou D. knows the honor and reverence between ones meat and stomach. Lou spent time in the Navy, enjoyed three squares a day, Now Enjoys food stamp Shopping sprees and S.P.A.M.

Loves hunting three eyed possum, and "Five legged Frog Gigging" in swamp near power facility. Loves all meat including Roadkill, Fish and Soooo-She. DIgs working on his sparkle green FireBird with T-Tops. Lives in DoubleWide trailer next to power plant with 4th wife and eleven kids. Seasons BBQ with chromium-6.

Wouldn't hurt a fly except -Eddie Vedder. ...Dreams of becoming rock star / trailer park manager simultaneously.

Lil' C

Occupation: Straight C + Student and Drum Master for DoubleWide™
Astological Sign: Gemini
Fave Mullet: "Tim Lincecum Mullet"
Fave Meat: Cow
Hobbies: Collects baseball cards of mullet only players, Baseball and Computer hacking.
Likes: Protein shakes, workin out and beating up the drums.

Dislikes: nerds, art.

An unbelievable "mathlete" his computations and computer gaming skills allow him access into the underbelly of the internet. If he sees something he doesn't like, he makes it HIS way. For example, he didnt like the color on a sweet sweater he saw at abercrombie's website, he changed the color from blue, to sewer water brown and then re-posted it. Abercrombie was forced to sell sewer water brown sweatshirts, because of the 3 million hits it got online. A true success story in the making, Lil 'C also has jedi mind powers fer real, y'all.


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July 12, 2012

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